Artwork courtesy of Leigh Wells

Artwork courtesy of Leigh Wells

Welcome to the Meditation page, a guide to help you create and develop your personal meditation practice and routine.

Many people commonly hold the image of meditation as focused on clearing the mind, holding certain seated positions, chanting “om’s” and transcending the body. 
Meditation is the following 
  • The connection of body,mind,emotions and spirit.
  • Deepening our awareness and connection to our body
  • Strengthening our sense of connection to nature and the natural world
  • Embracing/integrating emotions  and more richness in life 

How Meditation works

To begin lets explore some of the ways meditation works and also the basics to make sure you get the best out of your experience.Our thoughts, feelings, body and actions are all influenced by each other and are inter-related as the image below depicts.

Our brain is a complex muscle and like all  muscles can become stressed, unwell or tight. Often stress is a core root of most ailments and modern problems , the constant mental chatter and worry over things, people and  emotions is something most people can relate to. You are probably feeling tense even reading this!
Most people say that its hard to find the “off switch” in their head, they feel that their body is tense or  as if they are purely “reacting” to life ,rather than fully  living it.
Meditation can help change this by creating “mind strength” which is one of the most empowering tools we can employ to impact and improve all aspects of life.
By learning to relax our body through breathing and focus our mind on peaceful or enjoyable images ,we begin to unwind and our emotions become soothed. We actually change the way our mind functions with meditation, enabling  us to move from higher frequency brain waves to lower frequency and calm the mind.
Slower wavelengths mean more time between thoughts, which means more opportunity to skillfully choose which thoughts you invest.
The following is an article on the scientific studies that support the incredible benefits of regular meditation
How to meditate.

The breath and mind work in tandem, so as breath begins to lengthen, brain waves begin to calm and slow down, but also the body responds by relaxing. There is no failure or success in meditation as it is a skill we learn to develop over consistent practice.

  • Make sure you are warm, place some  relaxing music on, incense etc
  • To begin the meditation,become comfortable, close your eyes, and eliminate as many interruptions as possible to ensure you can fully relax.
  • Watch your breath. Simply notice your breath flowing in. Flowing out. Don’t try to change it in any way. Just notice.
  • Silently repeat the mantra: “Breathing In. Breathing Out.” As your mind begins to wander, draw it back to your breath. Notice that as your breath begins to lengthen and fill your body, your mind begins to calm.
  • Become aware of your body and slowly working from head to toe/toe to head focus and relax each muscle,joint, fibre of you body.
  • You may wish to visualize a golden or coloured light filling your body as you do this
  • Any thoughts , notice them and allow them to flow away/breath them out.
  • Consistency is key.
  • Either follow a visualisation/mantra/chant or allow this time for contemplation
  • When you are finished take your time before you move or doing anything
  • Short regular meditation sessions are much more beneficial than irregular or long.

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