The Life Detox

There it was in full sight on my Facebook new’s feed a day to day blog of someone going on a 6 day detox on, of all things, watermelon. I was confused, bewildered and then after a few days concerned that there is such a pervasive cure all approach to physical detox. The more I looked into the “detox” world and became overwhelmed by screed’s of “cure all” “miracle fixes” being shamelessly advertised. Crazy detoxes don’t work.
Now don’t get me wrong I have nothing personal against watermelons and I am certainly in need of dropping a few pounds and being a bit healthier. Some of the detox plans out there seem pretty reasonable “stop putting rubbish in your body and put more of the healthy stuff in”. That sounds like a lifestyle we could all benefit from along with a bit more exercise, relaxation and laughter. But its the “eliminate xyz” or “only put xyz into your body for 6 days and be rejuvenated/fixed/cured!” well that just smacks of gimmicky magical wand cures.
It occurred to me that while we may have these healthier bodies, what about our minds, emotions, social connections, environment and spirit? What you may consider to be a physical problem is in fact your body’s best attempt at adapting in order to survive the mental and emotional conditions that it is subjected to in daily life. With this in mind maybe we need to start eliminating the other toxins in our life and be more aware of living lives which are overall healthier and more enriching?
In my counselling practice people share about the unhelpful beliefs, behaviours, relationships, feelings etc that hold them back from being truly happy and connecting to life. Much of my work with people is about “detoxing” from beliefs, behaviours ,feelings, situations or relationships which are physically manifesting in symptoms of;
  1. Poor or disturbed sleep
  2. Digestive problems including IBS and candida
  3. Low energy fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue
  4.  Migraines, headaches and muscle soreness
So before you reach for the latest Lemon Detox or live entirely on kale, try inviting more of the vege family into your world, make the coffee and chocolate family a treat not an entire meal or go do something energetic with your body. But more more importantly take a look at how you can positively and sustainibly improve some of the following…
  1. Relationships – reduce the draining or toxic ones and build the healthy connections
  2. Limiting beliefs about yourself and the world
  3. Clear out clutter in your personal space ( filing cabinet, closet,bathroom cupboard,home space)
  4. Improve your environment ( some flowers, a pot plant, colour, music, books, inspiring stuff)
  5. Commitments, learning to say “NO” or at least let me think about it
  6. Personal finances, sort out those unpaid bills, start a savings account, get a debit not a credit card
  7. Sleep and exercise
Have fun
Caroline Williams is a registered counsellor and nationally registered homicide / major crimes counsellor in New Zealand working with individuals and couples to help them make the life they love happen. With over 15 years training and experience in anxiety,depression, addictions and trauma she is a prolific writer and workshop facilitator.Contact her at for in person or skype counselling and make this year the one that counts!

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