People often ask me why I chose a career in private practice counselling – my answer is simple.

I wanted to create a service which was meaningful, down to earth and comfortable, while also providing competent therapy for life issues and mental health problems. I am excited to say that I have achieved this and can warmly invite you to personally experience the difference this vision of counselling can make – not only in your life, but in the lives of those around you too.  

Qualifications & Experience

Over the period of 25 years I have gained training and qualifications  in the following:

  • Post Graduate in Addiction Processes
  • Diploma in Counselling,
  • Registered Victim Support counsellor ( homicide and major crimes)
  • Certified :ASSIST suicide prevention
  • Specialized working with abuse,addictions, trauma and PTSD cases
  • South Auckland Violence Prevention
  • ARLA adult reading and learning assistant
  • Age Concern palliative carer

I began my journey many years ago in my late teens and 20’s as a volunteer in hospices ,end of life care units and helping adults learn to read and write. I also volunteered and was passionately involved in community Eating Disordered support/counselling charity groups  working with families and individuals.

In my 30’s I formally trained as a counselor and began my professional career in mainstream/private addiction agencies and counseling services such as:

My Personal Journey Into Counselling

My journey within the healing/counselling field began at a very early age, when I developed a keen interest in volunteer work. This included: training with Age Concern as a palliative care support person at age 18, and working as an Adult Reading and Learning Assistant, where I found being of support in the world to be a life cause.

My mid 20’s saw me enter what I would consider the “dark times” of my life and I experienced anxiety first hand. During this time I found myself reaching out to different counselling services, doctors and psychologists – but my struggles continued until my late 20’s. I constantly found the psychology services where somehow cold or clinical and I struggled to engage or find healing. While modern psychology provided some help and support, I was constantly faced with a system which seemed to analyse and put my real life issues into neat tidy boxes.

I continually wondered if there was more to healing than what was being offered and this led to my life changing decision. I registered for a counselling course so that I could learn the tools which could set me free and end my torment. While it was the road much less travelled it led to my entry into full-time study in psychology and counselling where, after a very short period of time, I truly discovered healing and finally found some peace of the soul.

Alongside my counselling training I also embarked on a 15 year study of Celtic spirituality as a Druid which brings a depth of meaning, wisdom and connection to my therapy work. I am an internationally recognised speaker and teacher on Celtic spirituality – with a vast array of published articles, interviews, I’m regularly asked to present public talks & seminars throughout New Zealand.

3 thoughts on “Bio

    • Hello Elizabeth,
      it can be incredibly hard when the struggle with anxiety seems to continue for a long period of time but hopefully you can find some hope and information here which will be helpful.
      Kind regards


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