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This app has had clients giving rave reviews. Helps you learn to quieten that mind chatter and manage emotions with more ease.Has a great tracker so you can see your progress.

Daily Calm Another easy yo use app which with a relatively small cost for the FULL version covers stress, sleep, confidence etc. My personal favourite is the Sleep section which has guided sleep stories for all ages which gently guide you into a calming sleep.


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Is possibly one of the best apps on the market to help with relaxation and resetting the restless brain. Highly recommended and the feed back from clients is phenomenal.


Mood Mission  Mood Mission is an evidence-based app designed to empower you to overcome low moods and anxiety by discovering new and better ways of coping

VENT  Vent is the place for you to express yourself. Sharing your thoughts and feelings helps you chill out and lift your mood.

GoNoodle helps teachers and parents get kids moving with short interactive activities. Desk-side movement helps kids achieve more by keeping them engaged and motivated throughout the day.

Top apps to reduce anxiety great variety of easy to use apps including relaxation, mindfulness and journalling. My favourite is the Worry Box which brings simple guided relaxation audios to your finger tips.

Apps to reduce depression

Dan Ariely values

Happiness Habit

Paul McKenna I Can Make You…

Sacred Nature Meditations CD Baby

Thought record and support

“I Phone” CBT journal and challenging thinking errors.

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