Artwork courtesy of Leigh Wells

Relationships form one of the core basics in everyone’s daily life. However, all relationships can encounter difficulties at some point.

Sometimes our relationships can be like battle fields, with more wounded than victorious, and we can feel caught in a repeating cycle of drama and frustration. This is not just limited to our intimate relationships, but can include family, friends, work colleagues etc.

Ask yourself: If you could learn how to create more meaningful relationships and to change conflict into co-operation, how much better would your well being and health be?

Please feel free to contact Caroline for a free phone consultation if you want to:

  • Create more connection and understanding in your current relationships
  • Start a new intimate relationship without the ‘baggage”
  • Learn how to change or end a relationship with dignity and clarity
  • Break out of love dependency and reclaim your independence
  • Learn to manage conflict or difficulties with work colleagues/bosses
  • Heal the hurts/trauma of past relationships so you can move on
  • Support loved ones through grief,depression or addiction

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