Artwork courtesy of Leigh Wells

Image courtesy of Leigh Wells


“I love the way Caroline works, it just makes everything make sense. She always has this way of making me feel that everything is going to be alright even when I felt it was completely hopeless and terrifying.”

– H.S

“I had previously been in therapy and had such a negative experience, before they had even spoken to me about my problems they had already decided the answer was to medicate me which at the time I was not at all interested in. When I switched to seeing Caroline she really worked WITH me. The support I have received from her has been life changing and I am so much less ashamed of the issues I have had and still deal with because she has helped me realise that you can work with the little voice in your head. I was so so nervous to start therapy but at such a time of despair, I really needed someone outside of the situation to show me the way to help myself and Caroline was the perfect lady for the job!”

– C.V

“It began in what can only be described as a dark hole last year. You have given me a safe and comforting environment for me to discover what I have inside. Thank you for the life line and the most beautiful support and positivity.”

– G.S

“Thank-you Caroline for all of your masses of support. For your testimony, for arming me with the skills to deal with all of the stress over the past year. For keeping me going and in the fight, and for treating me like an absolutely normal human being.”

– J.C

“Caroline is jammed packed with information and a warm sense of humour which made it so much easier to learn about my anxiety and how to change.”

– A.K

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